Puzzle Fang

The Golden Puzzle Fang, one of the 50 Immortal Fangs, as it is ably named, is the "Puzzle Immortal Fang". It is a bladed weapon that can change into six different forms, the last one being a hidden form.

The fang is used by those who are very good at solving puzzles, and those who can use it, they can transform it in 0.6 seconds, while it usually takes a skilled user 10 seconds to transform.

Its current user is Christie Argent, as it was given as a gift by her Aunt Kate. It is able to be used in its bow and arrow form by Christie by means unknown. Later on when she is turned, she is able to awaken it due to her lycan nature.


First Form: FangEdit

The first, base stance of the Golden Puzzle is a large pole-arm type weapon, with grip-handles in the middle, and a large clubbing end on the bottom. The blade is a thicker version of the kind found on a naginata.

Second Form: DarknessEdit

It's the bow and arrow form that is often used by Christie Argent. The arrows seem to have no apparent storage space, although they are made of the same red and gold material as the rest of the Golden Puzzle.

Third Form: Crescent MoonEdit

The third form, The Boomerang. When thrown, the boomerang moves through the air so fast that it creates a buzzing noise. It returns to its users hands both after impact, or after a miss.

Fourth Form: ZenithEdit

The fourth form, The Giant Scissors. Primarily a weapon made for disarm, against large opponents it can inflict massive wounds.

Fifth Form: DragonEdit

The fifth form, the Chain-Sickle. It is a very potent weapon, capable of disarming, entrapping, or directly harming the enemy from a distance. This form is also used more often by Christie for short and long range combat.

Sixth Form: NothingEdit

Known UsersEdit

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