Fang Alert is a 'neighbourhood watch' group, paramilitary organisation and Monster Hunting organisation rolled into one. Formed in response to the mass hysteria created in Everett due to the massive surge of the supernatural and the inability the organisation is dedicated to protecting the cities population from all paranormal threat: that is if they were effective.


Fang Alert in truth is more of a club run by the rather passionate University student Robert Leads. Run out the back of his arcade 'Sunlight lounge' the groups initial plan was to take to the streets and reclaim the city via force of arms, but rapidly devolved into a after school event for kids looking for discounts at his arcade. While rather large, many of it members act with a lack of interest and many fully admit to not believing in the supernatural and more prefer to just have a cool place to hang out after school.

However undaunted Robert and his closest friends have taken up arms, and anything else they can lay their hands on to try and hunt down the monsters terrorising the city. As a group they are very enthusiastic if not much of a physical threat, and have taken to trapping and ambushing the various supernatural goings on around Everett to mix success. However they have been known to base their ideas and plans around pop-culture, believing things like Vampires can never go out in the day and werewolves are savage beasts. However despite their gross inaccuracies they do on occasion get things right and do not seem phased by the numerous defeats they suffer.


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