The Essence Fang is one of the 50 Immortal Fangs, and one of the most versatile of them all. While not actually a Legendary Fang, it has the potential to equal said Fangs in raw power. This, however, depends on the user.

A user needs to be proficient in Focus Essence to master this weapon.


The Essence Fang is a small, sword - like weapon, that is usually colored white. However, once it has chosen its wielder, it will change color to mach said wielder's Essence.

The weapon shifts, and the blade "opens up" when its true power is used.


The Essence Fang has the power to gather, manipulate and condense the wielder's Essence. This permits the user to literally weaponise their own Essence.

The most common use is to condense the user's Essence into a powerful laser-like blade. When this happens, the weapon shifts, and the blade "opens up".

Another common use is for the user to condense their Essence into a shield. Besides this, the Fang can also offer a variety of enhancements, based on the user's Essence.

Use by Neo KaneEdit

Neo Kane, the current wielder of the Essence Fang, uses its power in a quite original way:

By using Pulse (a Vampire-only Focus Essence technique), he turns his innate power (blood) into pure energy, and uses it to create the Fang's laser-like blade.

Depending on the blood he uses, the Fang's energy blade can have different properties. For instance, using a blade created out of Werewolf blood will cause massive wounds on Vampires.

In addition, the Fang increases Neo's general Focus Essence abilities, giving them a huge boost.

The weapon also offers Neo other abilities, like the power to heal his allies, or increase their attack power.


The Essence Fang is inspired by the Monado from Xenoblade.

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