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A relic of a bygone age, Encartra is the name given to a powerful spell book, or rather the entity within the spell book. Encartra is an ancient entity, a strong but forgotten Wiccan who had lived for centuries before her untimely murder and destruction of her coven during the Wars of Religion in the 1700's. Binding her soul to her spell book, Encartra managed to cling to the mortal realm by binding her soul within her book and set about creating a five step plan to reclaim everything she lost.


  • Name: Unkown
  • Alias: Encartra
  • Age: 600+
  • Hair: N/A
  • Eyes: Green (Glowing)
  • Likes: The taste of exotic spices, dominating others, precious stones and fabrics, gaining power, attractive men, attention, magical knowledge
  • Dislikes: being placed on a bookshelf or upside down or at an angle, being reminded she is a book, monsters, The Order of St. Arthur, attractive woman, being controlled, Alucard
  • Family: Unknown


Book FormEdit

Unleashed FormEdit


Born centuries ago into a coven of Witches, Encartra was considered a prodigy from a young age and was given special attention that allowed her to rise to a position of prominance within the group of witches. Talented and with a thirst for power she steadily rose to the inner most circle of the group, and was considered one of the many potential members to replace the head of the coven if she ever chose to step down. Unwilling to wait Encarta arranged the murder of her own covens leader, but while she was never implicated another member of the coven was chosen over her.

Enraged she left the coven on the pretence of finding a way to cope with her grief, and began to travel the world, growing her power and strength. Centuries would pass and over that time Encarta would come to move within the highest levels of Medieval society, a secret encharter within many a court, where she learned to master her skills at manipulation and deciet, causing whole earldoms to fall to her decitful plans. While initially done to gain rare relics and powerful artifacts, she eventually came to do it out of the simple joy of seeing others suffer.

During this time she would meet the young Vampire Alucard at a dance where she convinced him to assist in killing a lord he claimed had insulted her honour, and stole her title. With his assistance she managed to steal from the lord a rare and powerful book, from Atlantis, that she claimed would make her indestructable. Realising he had been dupped the two fought, but the young Alucard was overpowered by the older Wiccan and forced to let her escape with her prize. This one act convinced the young Vampire to come stronger, and seek out Sir Bedevier.

Still now with the book she decided to return to her coven and quickly managed to gain many of its members trust with gifts of power and artifacts and through her own will lead them to attack a chache of artifacts stored by The Order of St. Arthur in 1592. While she claimed to be striking out against the increasingly oppressive organisation she in actuality used it as an excuse to claim a rare staff that belonged to Otto I of Germany, a famed Alchemist. Using this staff she would topple the leader of her coven and force her former family to serve her whims as she began to plot her conquest of the world.

However over the next few years the European magical community waged a secret war against Encartra and her enslaved coven, her actions leading to the growing anti-magical sentiment across the contient. Her terror came to an end when the Order of St. Arthur sent a force of Paladins in 1642 lead by one Matthew Hopkins to defeat her forces stering up unrest in the south of England. In a titanic battle Encartra was cut down by Matthew, and her body was burrned along with the artfacts she carried on her person: the staff and the book.

However Encartra did not die, or at least not in a natural sense. The books power, which promised the user to be indestructable took hold and bound her sould to its pages giving her new life as a magical book. Enraged by her disability Encartra plotted to rebuild all she had lost, and return herself to a mortal form. However unable to move far without assistance she was passed from owner to owner, who through her ability to write in her own pages, steadily used the unwitting individuals to destroy themselves or commit horrific rituals to grant her a new body. She would eventually be bought across the Atalantic and taught magic to the young girls of Salem, and was enraged when many were killed, another plan at domination dammed by dammed witch hunters. It was around this time she found she coould control people with her mind to alimited extent. Emboldened by this discovery she tried to possess a village, yet in 1805, after two hundreds years as a book, and passing on her powers to others in hopes they could cure her, she fell into the hand sof a priest who saw her as evil and while in America threw her into the Missipi River to 'drown out her evil.'

For the next two hundred years Encartra wallowed at the bottom of a dirty and filithy river, and was driven to near madness in her rage to escape, her mind becomming warped by the isolation. She soon came to seek contact, any contact just to escape the monotony of her solitude.

Through chance the section of the river she now lived in was drained and dammed up, her muddy cover being discovered by a worker who handed the ornate book into the local meuseum. Through trading, backroom deals and private auctions she fell into the hands of a meuseum in Everett. And now after years of slumber she reached out, planning to once again restart her conquests and free herself of her prison.


Born with amazing power Encartra was raised among magic her whole life and was alive during its height. She has lived for centuries even before her murder and centuries after that through her own magical skill and power, a fact that makes her haughty and arrogant. Indeed it was her perception of her own skill and her own power that caused her to turn to dark magic in the first place, not craving power initially but believing she was too skilled a magic user for it to kill her: and due to a technicality she is right. It was her belief that she was too skilled and her fellow Wiccans to backwards that caused her to turn her clan over to witch hunters so that she might steal their secrets.

Still like any being who lived for centuries and hid from mankind Encartra is cunning. Skills developed over long centuries cruising the finest courts in Europe, worming her way into the hearts of the most powerful knights and lords in courts and her own magical powers had left her a master at manipulation and subtlety. She could and still can charm a banker to marry her within and evening and steal his gold the next day. She did this in life because after living for so long regular things became boring for her, and she adored attention to the point where she would murder others, sooner than let them steal her spotlight. She leaned towards seeking the finer things in life as she settled for nothing but the best, and even while a book she mourns her inability to experience the euphoria of such things and grows angry if she is not cleaned, dusted and if she is places on a 'unworthy item' often demanding her followers place a velvet sheet over the table or item they put her down on.

Moreover Encartra is very callous, and even petty, as she was caught after killing a peasant girl because she wanted to sleep with her boyfriend. She cares little for others, although does place a sense of worth in her followers in what they can do for her, and while power hungry sees nothing wrong with teaching others magic, believing in making her followers stronger to make them more useful. She even notes attachment to many of them calling them her 'daughters' and teaching them the blood ritual so that they could gain eternal life. Secretly though she is also dependent on them and seeks to breed loyalty, indeed she would never admit to this due to her being incredibly embarrassed after being turned into a book, as seen when her normally controlled composure broke when Jane Amico managed to reverse her curse, or when Alucard finally met her in her book form and broke down laughing.






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