A genetic experiment created by a Kryptonian scientist named Bertron who killed his creator and would eventually arrive on Earth where he battled Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Maxima, Ice, Fire, Booster Gold and Bloodwynd before fighting Superman which led to a long battle that took both their lives (at first). He has since then shown up multiple times.

Characteristics Edit

Name: Doomsday

Age: unknown

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

Likes: Destruction

Dislikes: Dying all the time

Family: Bertron (creator; deceased)

Appearance Edit

Doomsday is a hulking monstrosity of flesh and bone with spikes on his knees, shoulders, knuckles and chin. He has a single ponytail of white hair and green boots and pants that are really leftovers of his containment suit. He has a pair of glowing red eyes and a mouth of jagged teeth.

Personality Edit

I had to see what this planet has to offer... I'm not impressed.

At first, Doomsday was just a mindless killing machine designed for causing as much destruction as possible. However, after countless deaths, he has become self-aware and rather confident, even going so far as to be intelligent following a deadly mental assault by Martian Manhunter and Ms Martian due to him having a weaker mind prior. Due to his countless tests on Krypton's soil, he has gathered a hatred for Kryptonians, especially Kal-El/Superman and Kara Zor-El/Supergirl.

Skills and abilities Edit


Powers Edit

  • Inhuman strength: Due to his Kryptonian genetics, Doomsday is able to match Superman in strength if not more.
  • Adaptive resurrection: Whenever he dies, Doomsday is able revive himself, even after being disintegrated, and adapt to make sure whatever killed him in the first place can never affect him. This also applies to his body going through changes such as telescoping spikes and even heat vision.

Voice actor Edit

Michael Jai White

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