The Cybermen are an army of cybernetically augmented humanoids hailing from the dragons' world. They are in actuality human brains placed in robot bodies and stripped of all emotions. Their only goal is to convert all living beings into Cybermen, and have now extended their targets to include werewolves.

Appearance Edit

The Cybermen resemble the traditional depiction of robots, but with a few unique traits. Most notably, their heads are always topped by handlebars and their eyes have a teardrop shape. Inside their chests is an emotional inhibitor, which is needed to prevent the victim from going insane from seeing their new form.

Background Edit

The Cybermen come from the dragons' home world, created by mad scientist Dr. Ivo Julian who believed cyber-conversion was the only cure for the disease that was slowly wasting his body away. This belief soon turned into a megalomaniac thought that conversion, or "upgrading" as he put it, was the only way of life. Most of the world's human population was converted into Cybermen, with the rest of humanity joining the Dark Legion. The two factions have been fighting both each other and the dragon race. Eventually, the remaining dragons retreated to another dimension, and the Cybermen were intent on at last upgrading dragons. They began to research on a way to cross dimensions and find the dragons.

Skills/Abilities Edit

Cybermen are equipped with laser blasters on their right wrists, can deliver a fatal electric shock from their hands, have rockets in their feet enabling flight, can move at fast speeds allowing them to dodge attacks with ease, can detach their hands which can move on their own, are able to turn their heads 180 degrees, making an ambush on one difficult, and most dangerously, can initiate cyber-coversion just by touching their victims, although that way is slower than the usual method of cutting out the brain and placing it in a Cyberman body.

Weaknesses Edit

The emotional inhibitors are easily destructible, and instantly blows up the Cybermen's heads due to the overwhelming feelings of shock and horror of seeing what they have become. Their circuits are also vulnerable to gold, causing them to short out and eventually be destroyed if kept exposed to it.

They're also very sensitive to EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), causing them to short out and self-destruct.

Gallery Edit

Voice Actor Edit

Nicholas Briggs


  • They're based off of the Cybermen of the Doctor Who franchise.


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