The Cross Gun Fang is one of the 50 Immortal Fangs... and an interesting one at that. It is literally a giant cross, constructed from silver and various mystic metals.

Due to its Ability, it is frightfully efficient against most supernatural creatures. However, despite being a cross, it is also a weapon, and has thus lost its "holyness", which alows supernatural creatures to use it. However, most do not know this, and many cover at the very sight of the weapon. 


The Fang appears as a gigantic silver/black cross, with some green paches and gems in places. The "Trigger" is lokated is the center of cross, and is a simlpe horisontal grab. 

The four "sections" of the weapon open up when thei are activated. 


This Fang possesses the ability to fire bolts of green enrgy from all four ends, each of the ends fireing in a different way. Thes bolts of energy are actually condensed, "energised" metal particles. This weapon normally fires bolts of Iron, but any metal can be used. The bolts may have different properties depending on the metal used.  

  • 'Long Section: The long section of the weapon is the most frequently used, and can fire "simple" bolts. It has various "Fire Mods":
    • Rapid Fire: Like a machine gun, it fires small/week bolts at incredible speeds.
    • Slow Fire: The weapon fires slow but powerful bolts, like a rifle.
    • Focus Fire: This Fire Mod shoots the slowest, but strongest bolts, like a sniper rifle.
    • Larer Fire: The user concentrates enrgy, and then fires a powerful, continous strem of "energised metal", similar to a laser.
  • Side Sections: The user slams the cross down, and opens up the side sections. Multiple small energy "missiles" can be fired, that cause multiple expolsions over a large area. The missiles can also be honed in.
  • Short/Back Section: This section fires an incredibly condensed and volatile bolt of energy, that can cause massive explosions. However, it takes a few moments for the bolt to charge, the user being vulnerable in this time.
  • Nigh Indistructability: The Cross Gun is also incredibly durable, and can shield its user against almost any threat.

Known UsersEdit

Megan Silverfox


  • The Cross Gun Fang was inspitred by the Punisher from Trigun.

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