When she tried to make the Joker proud, all she got was rejection... emotionally and literally. Harley Quinn's life as the Joker's pseudo-girlfriend is over... and a new life begins.


In Gotham City, Harley Quinn finds herself at the mercy of her boss and lover, the Joker. Despite her attempts to please him by capturing Batman in a way that would please the Joker, Harley becomes the target of Joker's anger due to her not understanding the joke. He stabs Harley with a swordfish and pushes her through a window.

She falls into an alley way and is left to die by Joker. She lies there waiting for death with fatal injuries, she realizes that Joker never cared for her, that he was a monster, and memories of her childhood friend Peter Talbot flow into her mind. She then sees a figure in shadows who she thinks is Batman before she became unconscious.

Later on, Harley is taken into Gotham General for emergency treatment. It is discovered that among her injuries, she was bitten by what the doctors conclude by a dog as she is taken from treatment. Outside the hospital, the figure she thought was Batman but was really a dog like creature, watches her from a window before it goes off for unknown parts.

Characters IntroducedEdit


  • This story takes place near the end of the Batman animated series episode, Mad Love


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