Peter Talbot's wife and one of the Tsukiyomi Organization's senior members.

Christie Argent-Talbot (Titan's Moon)
Vital statistics
Aliases Mrs. Talbot
Species Alpha Werewolf
Gender Female
Age 20
Status Married to Peter
Affiliation Tsukyomi Organization
Physical Attributes
Hair Auburn Brown (in both forms)
Eyes Brown (Yellow in Lycan Form)
Height 6'5

7'9 (werewolf form)

Weight 159 lbs
Personality Statistics
Likes Spending time with the girls


Testing out new Tsukyomi tech

Action movies

Good books

Dislikes Court of St. Arthur


Kaiju (excluding Mothra, Battra, Manda and King Seesar)

Family Tree
Family Parents

Peter (husband)

Other Statistics
Voice Actor Cherami Leigh

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