Also known as "Salamander", the Chainsaw Dragon Fang is one of the 50 Immortal Fangs, known for being one of the most brutal of them all. In fact, this weapon actually carves brutality, and those who cannot controll it can be "burned" by its brutality. This is not a problem for the wielder the weapon "chooses".

It is a powerful chainsaw, built by resorsefully using every inch of the infernal dragon, Salamander: its sharp scales were forged into the weapons' nigh indestructable body, its teath bscame the weapons' teeth, and its heart supplies energy.

This weapon is also known for being incredably heavy, and a degree of enhanced strengh is neede to wield it.

It is one of the 6 Fangs that Alucard unknowingly had in his possession, stored in the Red Room.


The wapon appears as a sophisticated Chainsaw, with a red, scale - like body and crimson/white teeth. The "blade" comes out of Salamander's "mouth", framed by green "eyes". The "dragon tail" forms the back handle, while two interlocked hornes form the top one.


This Chainwsaw can easily cut and rip through almost anithing. At full throttle, the teeth easily rip apart even the hardest of iron skins and ravage deep through the flesh below.

The weapon's chain can heat up, becomeing incandescent red, burning as well as maiming. In adition, waves of flame can be shot out by swinging the blade.

Besides this, by scraping the ground, the user can fire of "Scale Shrapnel": fragments of the weapons body, whitch leave beep wounds on any target.  

Known UsersEdit

Claire Nightshade

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