Founded and lead by Alucard, one of the seven Vampire Kings, the Nightwalkers are the only stable vampire coven in a long time, as well as one of the only ones in America. All other covens where either destroyed or disbanded by the Hellsings.

Like the Talbot Pack, their mission is to protect their hometown from both the natural and supernatural, while also trying to prove to the world that vampires are not the monsters depicted in legends.

Official MembersEdit

  • Alucard (Vali Drake) - Indigo King; leader; mentor to the Coven
  • Neo Kane (Red Ace) - Red Ace; Second-in-Command; Healer; acting leader when Alucard's not around;
  • Claire Nightshade (Blood Shade) - Indigo Dhampire Ace; Scout; Tracker/Hunter;
  • Cole Walker (Smoke Screen) - Green Rook; Wingman; Warrior; 'Bomber'
  • Harold 'Hal' Darkholm (Black Arrow) - Indigo Knight; Scout; Assassin; Sharpshooter
  • Ruby Drake (Kinsmir) - Green Kinsmir/Alpha Werebat; Coven Guardian; Wingman; Tracker/Hunter; Assassin (when needed)
  • Jinx Raze (Arsenal) - Violet Bishop; Marksman; 'Loose Cannon'
  • Nathan Forge (Dark Night) - Yellow Pawn; Tech Expert; Hacker; Sentinel
  • Barbara Cain (Black Bat) - Orange Knight

Unofficial/Temp MembersEdit


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