The index to all the known chapters for the Full Moon High story can be found right here.

Full Moon HighEdit

Book 1Edit

Book 2Edit

Book 3 Edit

  • Gladiators
  • Make Our Day
  • Full Out Assault
  • Need For Wildcatz
  • Seperate Ways
  • International World Tour Invasion
  • The Powers That would Be
  • Curse and Disappearance of Talbot Pack
  • Return Of Scales

Book 4 Edit

  • Terror at USA
  • No longer a myth
  • Accept or Reject


Here you'll also find the known chapters of the Wildcatz side story

  • Little Cubs Lost
  • A Concrete Jungle
  • Not Alone After All pt 1 and 2

Full Moon NightsEdit

Book 1Edit

  • The King without a Kingdom
  • Red Shadow
  • Justice or Revenge
  • Shadow of Mind
  • New Blood
  • Of Shadow and Blood

Book 2Edit

  • Honor Bound Blade

Full Moon Scales Edit

  • The Arrival of Dragons
  • The Prince is a Part-Timer!
  • School and Secrets
  • Death Raptor and New Allies
  • Hot Spring Capers and New Members

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