The Black Knights are a Lycan unit under the leadership of Scar (Derek Xander). A sort of group of Anti-Heroes that come into conflict with the Lunar Knights. But nevertheless, when the job is required, they'll work alongside the Knights the best they can... without kicking their butts.

Known MembersEdit

  • Derek Xander(Scar): Alpha Leader
  • Rachel Xander (Nyssa): Second-in-Command Delta
  • Ian Williams(Brickwall): Indestructible Gamma Juggernaut
  • Howard Immerson (Sherlock): Zeta Hacker and Intel
  • Jefferson Pierce (Juice): Lightning Fast Beta
  • Alexi Ranzz (Thunder): Beta with a Bigger Howl than Alpha
    • Ayla Ranzz (Lightning): Sparking Delta sister to Thunder
  • Jayna Twan (Shifter): Multi-form female Delta
  • Leslie Willis (Livewire): Electric-Wielding Zeta
  • Claire Selton (Volcana): Pyro-kinetic Zeta
  • Lisa LeLuna(Blue Moon): Moon-enhanced Gamma Female
  • John LaMonica (Black Spider): Assassin Beta
  • Maxima: Intergalactic Delta Warrior Queen
  • Will Multax (Multiplex): Multiple Beta Male
  • Ron Harper (Arsenal): Clone of Roy Harper/Ammunition Beta


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