After a weekend of training, Peter's school day goes off... with a few unexpected changes in mind.


On Monday morning, Singh dropped a fully recovered Peter off at school after a weekend of training with his grandfather; such as being able to transform without a full moon and ground rules such as when and where to transform and to keep his meat levels in check.

Later on in the cafeteria at lunch, Peter was on his own writing in his journal about all the ground rules, and questions he had such as being able to change others into werewolves. At that moment, Mikey and Christie join him making Peter jump at the risk of them seeing his notebook, which he quickly hid in time. They stated that Peter seems a lot better then they thought he'd be after the attack. While talking, he notices the Beauty Trio making their way to their table when he sees Ashley slip on a split drink. Peter prevents her from falling and dropping her food, but she shows no gratitude for it. After that, Peter caught the scent of Roland's sandwich, and acted on instinct to follow it. He revealed that the mayo on Roland's sandwich had gone bad, but Roland took it as an insult, and resumed where he left off a week ago.

Ashley tried to stop Roland, only for him to grab her wrist tightly to the point of inflicting pain. This causes Peter to overpower Roland's grip on him causing him to kneel in pain, and then Peter tells Roland to leave Ashley alone in a tone that sounds like his inner beast said it. This scares Roland to the point of shaking and causes everyone else to be somewhat stunned by Peter's new assertiveness and tone.

During gym, Peter was so worried that something is happening after he stood up to Roland that he lost track of his laps around the gym surprising Coach Vincent. Later on, he surprises the rest of the class with his enhanced strength in the physical evaluation. Even Ashley is surprised by Peter's new strength and self-esteem.

Later on in the boys locker room, Mikey is asking what happened to Peter after the hospital because of everything that happened today. He even notices that Peter's body has changed to the point of having the body structure of a comic book super hero which also surprises Peter.

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