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Alaric DragonovEdit

It was true Mad Love at first sight. When she first saw him during a hostage raid, with his intention of wanting to lure the Talbot Pack out, she saw him as another person within Alice in Wonderland. Or rather... two. The White Knight... and the Jabberwock. She was smitten by him, watching a creature that was not part of the dull reality, in which he refused the reality they lived in. He was nothing like the plain lords and suitors that she was introduced. Immediately, and unequivicantly... she fell in love with the White Vampire.

Once he was caught, she disguised herself as an inmate analyst in the Kennel, immediately taking an interest in him. ONce scheduled a session, Alaric immediately and secretly knew she wasn't a psychiatrist. But unlike the others who tried to get into his head, this girl intrigued him, much as Christie Argent did. Gaining his sympathy of his past, as well as sympathy from her past (that's right, apparently, this guy has a soft spot for girls like her and Christie), the two seduced one another, seeing it as a game.

After helping him escape from the Kennel, she pledged herself to him, as both promised to make the world for people like them, eliminating the dullness and ignorant beast that was humanity.

Talbot PackEdit

Christie ArgentEdit

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