After the night, a new student arrives and transfers to Peter's class.  A student that might have something in common with Peter and his grandfather.


Outside of town, Christie's aunt Katherine W. Argent arrives in town when she received a call from Abraham that werewolves were appearing in Everett. That same night, Peter tried to sneak back home but Sir John catches and scolds him for revealing himself to Mikey and Kylie, the movie store battle, and turning Mikey even though it was to save his life. This leads to Sir John grounding him from night prowls for a week for Peter's own safety.

The next day at school, Peter is really tired from the events of yesterday. Christie accidentally spooks Peter when she goes to speak to him about Mikey. Even Ashley gives her condolences along with telling them Sarah called in sick due to the incident. They then talk about the incident where the news says it was a bear but Christie and Ashley have a hard time believing that. Then class starts as the teacher introduces a new student named Derek Xander who gives off the feeling of being a tough guy. He is then assigned to sit near Ashley as she is fighting the urge to try and convert him into a nice guy like with Roland. Peter on the other hand feels like he knows Derek from somewhere.

During lunch in the cafeteria, Peter and Christie are feeling down about Mikey and Peter thinks he couldn't bear losing Christie if she found out what happened to him. The two begin to comfort each other the situation until Kylie meets up with them to let them know what she has heard about Derek. He is working in the junkyard with Thomas Sizemore, he lives in a studio apartment for low rent, and a lunatic gave him the scar on his face. Meanwhile, Kenny and his gang go to harass Derek who continues to eat his lunch until Kenny brought up that he heard that Derek killed his mother and raped his sister. For a second, Derek's eyes flash yellow and Peter figures out that Derek is a werewolf and the same one who helped him last night. Kenny continues to push Derek until he gives Kenny the warning of touching him again and he will be in a world of pain. Kenny doesn't listen, goes to poke him again, and then gets beaten up along with his gang in a minute. The students are stunned while Ashley has a blush on her face implying that she is gaining a crush on Derek.

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  • Peter Talbot
  • Christie Argent
  • Kylie Ginxem
  • Ashley Norwest
  • Derek Xander (first appearance)
  • Kenny Harper